What to do when getting more clients than your mind can contain?

For a while I had a few clients for accounting and other tasks. I was able to keep track of what to do at which times, and ask for information before the tax deadlines would be approaching. 

Now, recently I suddenly found myself in the embarrasing situation that I had forgotten that a deadline was coming up and had not been nudging my client for the needed information to have the task done.
Of course, it is still the responsibility of the client to have me do the tax report in time.
But still, my point here is that I had gotten several new clients and "simply forgot" about the deadline–it "slipped my mind".
Exactly the point!
When things grow bigger you need a system to handle and I have started to work on a database to handle so this situation does not happen again. 
All hail the rational database!

Sandy Denny – Autopsy

Now – do not be alarmed because of the subject. I am not going to exhume the body of Sandy Denny in order to perform an autopsy but, still…

I remember having heard of this track somewhere on the internet but had never actually heard it – but it sounded to me like the holy grail, you cannot leave this world having missed this track.

When I then finally did hear it I was almost disappointed…but, but, but – it grows on me, and I can almost confirm about the holy grail.

You must philosophise
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours in tears

Come lend your time to me
And you will know that you are free
And when you look at me
Don't think you're owning what you see
For remember that you're free
And that's what you want to be
So just lend your time to me

You must philosophise
But why must you bore me to tears?
You're red around the eyes
You tell me things no one else hears
You spend all your time crying
Crying the hours in tears
Crying the hours in to ears

Code mix confusion

I had put up some text on a Joomla site, and to be really really smart I had "highlighted" a call to action of clicking a link to the newsletter by putting it like this

==> link here <==but, at least in some browsers, the link did not work and put the strangest codes into the browsers when clicking. Somehow I realized that it had something to do with my "arrows" and when I removed them everything worked perfectly.I assume the "==>" or the "<==" has some meaning that I was unaware of, and thus put in a "hidden agenda". Anyway, problem solved...

Each one his own taste and consideration

Examples of difference in taste and tolerance:

In January 1990 the Americans captured Noriega in Panama – by playing loud rock music – which he loathed.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_invasion_of_Panama#Noriega.27s_capture

In Denmark on the Main Station they drive out homeless people by playing classic music constantly – which they loath…

The missing acknowledgement

Today, I wanted to transfer a sum in my internet bank to a foreign country for the first time.

Everything seemed to go just fine – except that when I had completed and signed the transaction – I did not get any respons whatsoever from the bank´s computer system that this was done.

Convinced that I did something wrong and had pressed "Cancel" by mistake I did the whole transaction again.

Next day I, by complete coincidence, find out that there is a log in the system showing that I did the transaction twice.

I grab the phone and get the doublet transfer stopped before it is too late – in the last moment!!

It could easily have been handled by a dialogue box in the system saying that I either failed or succeeded.

The accountant most important job

Just yesterday I spoke with an old friend whose company went gone bankrupt recently.
Well, he was not particularly upset about that – just moving on.
Now, the main point was – he could not get any real answers from the book keepers and accountant, except "it is complicated", "it would take a long time to sort out" etc.
When he had to explain to the tax office what happened, he did not have a real answer because the accountant was not helping with giving an understandable clear statement of the overall situation.
Obviously, he as the owner has the responsibility to understand the situation despite of what the book keeper and accountants are saying or not saying.
All I am saying is that the accountant did not do the most important job – inform the management about what is going on.

Moody Blues – So deep Within You by Mike Pinder

Since I rediscovered this brilliant song called "So Deep Within You" by Mike Pinder I have not been able to kick it out of my mind. Despite that The Moody Blues perhaps would have an air of beautiful sadness and aesthetic then listen to the guitar solo performed on this track by Justin Hayward–I would almost call that pretty "dirty".

An amazing program about Billy Paul

The other night I incidently watched a program portraying singer Billy Paul. The name Billy Paul did not ring a bell until I heard the voice, the distinct and timbre, easily recognizable voice. Yes, I had heard the voice of Billy Paul many many times in the radio during the last 5 decades not knowing who was the man behind that voice.
He has not only interpreted top chart songs such as "Me and Mrs Jones" but has himself written almost controversial songs–just taste the title "Am I black enough for you".
To cut the story short, he is still alive and kicking, kicked a drug habit and won a court case about lost royalties. Amazing program about Billy Paul.

Danish immigration policies

Just sent the wife "Back to the USSR" and now we can only wait for the authorities to handle the application for Family reunion.
Three to seven months of anticipating.
But lots to do in the meantime so…
I appeal to the best in all of us to make this go right.
Together, two is more than just one plus one.

Skyline stod sin først prøve i overskyet vejr!

Så fik jeg endelig min 6Mbit/1Mbit forbindelse fra Skyline – og efter lidt besværligheder (netkortet havde ingen driver – og efter MEGEN søgning på nettet, hvor intet er så "free" som det påståes, fandt jeg ud af, at jeg havde en cd-rom med driveren) – dernæst manglede jeg aktiveringskoden – men da jeg efter en halv time ville lægge pakken til side, sad brevet på denne!!!
Så kom der gang i forbindelsen og her i overskyet vintervejr i Charlottenlund, virker det faktisk MEGET fint.
Jeg vender tilbage efter nogle ugers langtidstest.

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